Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah Maddie!!!

My daughter's basketball team played in a tournament this weekend. They won both games on Saturday. On Sunday, they had to play the same team twice. The first game basically was a wash. Good thing, because they lost. However, the second game was for first and second place. They won 25-24!! I am telling you, the last minute of the game was the longest minute in my life! Yeah Blast!!
During Saturdays game Maddie jammed her thumb. Sunday we taped it up and off she went. Today off to the Emergency Clinic. Thumb not jammed - but fractured. Oops. We were sent home with a temporary cast, a note for 2 weeks out of PE, and instructions to ice, elevate, motrin and rest. We did as we were told, right after we went to Judson University in Elgin where Maddie had tryouts for a travel Basketball team. It is a 5th and 6th grade team, but Maddie decided to try anyways (can't beat the experience). Well, she gave it everything she had with the one hand that she had. The coach told us he would let us know the results on Wednesday. After tryouts I was asked by the coach to hand behind. He asked me to do everything possible to help Maddie's thumb heal, because he was taking her on the team!!! I am so excited for her! She has a talent in this sport that is so foreign to me. I love to watch her play. She amazes me. This is a great opportunity for her. Congratulations to my little girl!!

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