Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Come on in!

View entering my happy place. I absolutely love Doodlebug, so I use many of their products and colors to decorate my room with.
Storage for 12x12 solid cardstock. I also use for stickers (by theme) and pattern paper scraps (by theme). 8 of these drawers are for my Disney supplies, 6 are for Doodlebug, and the rest are for other specific themes that I use tons of (ie. dogs, basketball, karate).
This is a bakers rack that I got from a little shop that was closing. I use it for my zipemate and storage.
This wall has bookshelves from Ikea that use to hold my kids toys (now it holds mine).
These pictures are of my wonderful desk. My brother is a carpenter and does jobs at different corporate offices. Someone was getting rid of this desk set up because it had a few scratches on it. He used it in his house until he found another set at another job and was so kind as to pass this one on to me! It is deep enough to hold 12x12! The two cabinets on each side are great for storing my albums I have yet to use. It is also equipped with two overhead lights, the computer area, and a super large work area. There is enough room for me to spread out and the kids to still sit and do homework by me.
I use the built in file cabinets to hold my 81/2 x11 cardstock, idea files, and more.
These hold some of my embellishments. The rest are in a craftmate tote.
Storage unit under desk holds scraps. The white shelf holds jars of ribbon, buttons, stamps, Doodlebug sugar coated chipboard letters...
Units under desk hold office supplies, pages and projects in progress, supplies for calendar making...
My punches - I don't use as much, but I save them for kid projects. The black item under the punches is my daughters scrapcart.
Storage behind the curtain. I used a shower curtain rod to hang drape.


  1. You have an awesome scrap room. I'd love to come and play in there.:)

  2. Your scrap room is beautiful.I love how you store your punches got to find me some of these.

  3. Wow! Awesome room! I'm working on mine right now. Yours looks like so much fun, where do you live, I'll be right over!! LOL!


  4. I am so jealous!!! Your room is awesome. I am looking to turn a small part of my upstairs into a scrap "space" its not much at all but have to start somewhere!

    You have so much stuff.. where do you get everything? do you have any tips on where to get stuff in bulk for cheap?

    Please let me know!