Saturday, July 10, 2010

New cartridage storage

I out grew my old storage system for my cartridages, so here is what I came up with. This is a CropperHopper photo storage case.

One side holds my books and key pads. There are adjustable dividers that I used. Then I just used wire cutters and snipped out the middle divider in the other section. The empty space will house my cord and markers.

This is my favorite part. The opposite side of the case is made for 12x12 paper. I attached velcro squares to my cartridages, the lid and lower side. Ta da - fits two layers of cartridages (84 cartridages total). This is a great case for anyone who travels with their cartridages.


  1. Very clever !! I have a cropper hopper photo storage and love it for photos - would not have thought of using it like this.

  2. Ah....3 posts in one go you crazy gal. That is a cool system....Wish I had one...hint, hint. My birthday is in 8 days! LOL!!